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Frankfurt Corinthians Cricket Club was founded in 2007 and we became an eV (registered society) in 2009. In between that, we've gone from two cricket fanatics knocking a ball around in the back garden to a large squad of cricket fanatics ready for any challenge at both Sunday league and hobby level. 
In 2008 we played a series of 5 games against our favourite local rivals, the ZVCA, and took the inaugural Frankfurt Ashes as a result; we travelled to Wiesbaden, Ketsch and Freiburg and, to cap the season, we took 2nd place in the FCC Knockout Cup (Hessen Invitational, 8 teams). 
As of 2009 the Corinthians are a Bundesliga club and will be playing every game to win - updates on this page as the season develops.


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